Relax Soothing Toning Mist

Relax Soothing Toning Mist


Relax Toning Mist hydrates tissues for proper cell function. Recommended for sensitive skin and to help restore optimum skin tone.

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Nourish Relax Soothing Toning Mist

Don’t get stuck in the middle, use a toner! Relax Soothing Toning Mist provides extra protection and balances your skin’s pH while protecting from damaging free radicals. Perfect for soothing stressed-out skin, the Relax range contains the healing, calming benefits of lavender oil and the humble carrot.The brains behind it all:

  • Lavender oil (lavandula officinalis) – long recognised for its healing, soothing characteristics, lavender has antiseptic properties, which make it ideal to treat senstive or damaged skin.
  • Carrot root powder (daucus carota) – carrots are a good source of B vitamins, which act to defend the body against free radical damage and slow processes associated with ageing spots and wrinkles.
  • Coco glucoside – a mild, suger-based cleansing and toning agent. Sweet!

98% organic.

Instructions for use

  • Spray over the face twice a day to leave skin refreshed and ready to moisturise


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